Friday, May 6, 2016

How to loose weight?

The result of gaining weight and sunburn really makes girl frustrating. I mean who the hell like the changes. I was a part of loosing weight in like 8 kg in 5 months. When i was 17 years old, i cant remember the exactly number but >60kg maybe lah. My morning routine was eating nasi lemak, the carbs tu tersangat lah banyak untuk sekali makan. But nvm i thought i am so metabolismatic person but actually not. What is really amazed me is the increasing weight are so horizontal sedang sedang. Through old experienced once your body reached max high weight then it will stop increase extremely. I've never had a dream of having slim type it just happen macam tu ja. Thats why if you are so truggling and put the point , im afraid you might collapse dekat tengah tengah jalan. Yelah once i have that kind of mentality which is "badan aku kurus macam mana pun memang besar macam ni kot?". Oh god ive never thought i am so positive hahaha include right now. It so hard blaming people instead of giving nice reason and backup. Isnt it nice? But sometimes kindness can harm you but dapat pahala la. Tapi jangan la jadi so straight type person so blur.


So i've started my "unexpected diet plan" which is i've never put the target on loosing weight. Have you seen people with a lil carbs, lil protein and many greens when having a lunch? No we are not diet. Actually those plan are not highlighting for the only loose weight yaa i mean the only reason why those plan created. Carbs functionnya apa? Protein functionnya apa? Greens three. So im going to shared you my experience. It started with "Ramadhan". Selalu muslimah muslim ni once lapar menahan nafsu makan pergi bazaar ramadhan looking at the food. They ended up bought a lot of foods macam nak makan setahun. Guyss kita nak makan malam tu ja kan? Actually gaining weight ni masa yang sangat aktif untuk berat naik adalah makan malam. The most important is breakfast. But im not blaming who loves eat dinner/supper, your choice. Up to you lah. So i decided nak makan nasi and air manis(milo ais, air tebu and etc). And my nasi would be like this:

"Ehh mana cukup tu, tambah lah lagi". The truth is ianya sangat lah mengenyangkan, ditambah dengan air manis. Dont be so hard with your old mentality. You can add fruits before having your lunch. Minum air banyak banyak can helps you starving yang sangat teruk seperti craving benda merepek. It really works because ur tummy already full kan.


Main rules is drinking water. Tahap paling paling pun minum time lepas sukan kan, dehydrating sangat kempunan air kosong. The facts is you need it everytime. While watching movies, doing assignments, buat defend diri daripada tertido dalam kelas. So multifunction. Trained yours drinking water anytime everyseconds everminute. At least 3.0 litre per day. Dekat rumah boleh la buat bosan hidup dengan drama korea, so minum la air sampai masuk tands 5-6 kali sehari. Ohh kita tak buat water drill ehh kita buat minum sikit sikit mengikut peredaran masa. Not push yourself sangat, tapi kena push jugak minum air.


No fast food, extremely oil food, or anything related to unhealthy. Ya i know it really hard ohhh so hard. Kalau crunchy chicken wing dah memang fav who the hell sanggup nak tinggalkan. Nak makan boleh tapi jangan selalu. If you starving at midnight i suggest la beli cereal, or oatmeal something yang ringan. Fruits pun boleh jugak or paling mustajab lagi minum air sampai kenyang la. Really simple. My family jenis yang tak makan malam, we do our meal by ourselves. Nak makan apa buat sendiri. Because not everyone nak makan pun. My old sister jenis suka memasak at midnight, she loves eating when at home. Idk if she starving dekat rumah. My second lil sister tak suka makan malam just like i do. We love simple food macam minum air milo + biskut kering. Really nice. 

So while waiting for spm result, membongak dalam bilik. Theres nothing left for me to do instead of pickup my sister at school. Sending her back, my daily routine. Cooking for lunch ohh my cooking skills are so good when im 18 till im 20, im so off with this skills hahaha. So from 56kg to 48kg in 5 months. So bila dah masuk matrikulasi everythings look likes heaven, chicken chop apa benda yang sedap tu really insecure. Dah setahun naik la 11kg wow like i did it finally. Then cuti 4 bulan while waiting for degree boleh la 5 kg turun in 3 months. So its up to you, diri sendiri nak ke taknak it based on yours. No one can forced you 

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