Tuesday, April 26, 2016

After 4 years

So guysss we've been no longer meet for a while. I bet for a long time ago since im entering matriculation and struggle for my spm which is im so annoyed with it hahaha. So basically im turning 20th. Feels amazing seems i leave my blog for entire 4 years. A lil bit frustrated reading my old entry leads to big laughter. I cant have it. Seems i can login succesfully thru my blog, why not im sharing my past 4 years life. Kinda interesting because i can get through ups and downs, proud me really.

I thought spm result are the last checkpoint i need to focusing to, i mean whenever i failed it so it stand for im loosing my future. Well im not judging the old me who is hardy paying attention and listened to my parents. Yeahh i admit my parents are always the best and they prove it. Im still kid and idk whether the thing is going to be fine or not. I guess Allah plan are superb amazing better than mine. Alhamdulillah Allah gave me second chance. So i nailed it when i was in matriculation. Alhamdulillah Allah gave me oppurtunity to get a chance on getting my dream. Through the road im seeking there must be something that can ruin everything. But it up to you whether you wanna chase or leave it. Because its you. No one can change it. Either you want to have a changes or stick to the old one, its not your friends decision. We grown up, things get harder.

So this is me during my matriculation, we were celebrating our bestfriend, Happy Birthday Aini Saiyanggggggg

Our classmates band, celebrating our last day. Kinda scared singing "Sweater Wheather". I tak boleh tarik mannnn hahaha tinggi sangat pitching.

Dont forget my old schoolmates, i love you till max guys see you soon!

So here the ending of my 18/19th. The truth is friendship bonding dekat matriks are the most closed relationship la. Because everyday you stick to the same person. Whether it could be your classmates, roomates either your madu hahaha. I've got it one.

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Iam Aslave said...

omg sisss!!!!!!! i sgt adore u lah