Friday, December 30, 2011

Welcome 2012

Have you watch it ? I watched it last year on star movie,channel 413 on Astro right ? Am I right pelanggan Astro ? Yes,seriously next year is 2012.New Year right ? so,about 2012 movie,it kinda shock right ? with disaster and everything destroy in 1 second.You lost your family,friends,couple and everything in this world,and you waiting for your luck.I think,Hari Kiamat hebat lagi daripada movie tu.Seriously .

And,we just have little time to live. Trying to find out,what you want ,and starting your days with your lovely person,and waiting for your end.But,i hope i'm not live on that day.Anyway,banyak sangat status berkaitan dengan tahun baru nih,and they waiting for new life,new future and couple.Hoho .So,what your dream? what do you want ? everyone have dream,so do am i .My dream is to sucsses in my life.I want to struggle in SPM and find good work and have good future .And collecting money,buy bungalow at Pahang and car and everything lha . You ? Even kau nak makan nasi pon dah kira impian la tu...Haha .

I hope ,i can live untill my last breath.Hoho,ayat..So,Happy New Year to all of you,to the bloggers,readers,followers,frinds,stalkers or everyone lha . Kayy,I hope all of you tak tersilap langkah :D

-Gonna miss my memories-

p/s : Owh ! tidak! Aku lemah buat essay ! *Isn't it freak ?


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