Friday, April 15, 2011

my first scetsa..

fuh..! for the first time i'm gonna act like an actress..i'm not from hollywood!..juz come from little town.try to simple all of this,our gang mean me and my friends,c-pak,asma and azua gonna act..fuyooo!!juz like film..have a lense camera and! for the intro,we gonna take the first clip video from very nice when the autumn start to be intro,,fuh..dried leaves and there are our photos which are edit picture.and a little song from mohabbatein..and from that we start our mision..the story sounds like this,ustzah meli maulana is bff fatty when they were children..but all of that was past..fatty are friends with tasha hudsin..and her personality change so drastic........if my project was finished i will put in my blog..juz watch,and comment..gracias!

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